*The following piece is from my book, 52 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Kids.

I can imagine our family in 20 years. Elijah and Niko are home visiting Bronkar and me, telling us about how they just did some epic rock climbing camping trip. And I look at Bronkar and say, “Do you remember our first family camping trip?!” And we lean our heads back in big open-faced laughter. And the boys look at each other confused. “What’s so funny?”

And I begin: “It was SO. TERRIBLE. It was June. Almost 100 degrees. The meadow grass was too tall…

The following piece is the Introduction from the book, 52 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Kids.

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It’s funny to me, the idea of balance in parenthood. The notion that we can have a little bit of everything, all neatly organized into compartments. Constantly reaching for that ideal sets us up for disappointment. No matter how hard we try, we can only focus our attention on one single thing at a time. The rest sits blurred off to the side until it has its turn in the perfect focus of our lens. …

Do you ever feel like your to-do list weighs 8,000 pounds (metaphorically speaking, of course)? And then on top of the mental weight, the world is screaming for your attention with constant pop-up notifications and pings on your smartphone that want to remind you that you haven’t checked Instagram yet today. If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, I’ll share with you three techniques I’ve used that do the trick every time.

But first… Why do we get overwhelmed?

To some extent, overwhelm happens because we let it happen. I know you don’t want to hear that. But we have to understand that simple fact in order…

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Years ago, my husband came home from a life-coaching workshop with a poster board covered in magazine cutout images. I wrinkled my brow, turned up my nose, and thought, “Please don’t tell me he paid money for this amateur-art workshop that is supposed to help him make a plan for his life.” Indeed, this workshop did tell him how…

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Mindfulness. There was a time when this word intimidated me. A lot. It seemed so… mature. So distinguished. Both enlightened and exclusive. I’ve since learned that it’s one of the most accessible practices for stress reduction out there. And the more it’s practiced, the more its benefits grow. I’m sharing everything you need to know about mindfulness to start seeing its benefits in your life.

What is Mindfulness?

Being mindful is simply being attentive or aware. It’s the opposite of how many of us are accustomed to getting through the day. We live our lives on the clock, it seems. …

Moms go through a revolution. Within. We lose the previous version of ourselves and we’re shoved into a new version with no guidebook and no instruction. We don’t even get to grieve the loss of the old version of us. And as we struggle to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our children, it feels impossible to keep up with who we are. The ultimate guide to motherhood is not about changing diapers or which car seat to buy. Yes, that stuff is important, but there is already lots of information out there on those topics. …

  • This post contains affiliate links. If you click, I get a small percentage. I only share products that I fully stand behind and/or have already used myself, and I would link to them even without compensation.

Let’s talk big picture goal setting. There was a time when I thought setting goals was a waste of time. I didn’t care to think five years out — or even one year out. I wanted to be in the moment and respond to what was thrown at me. That route is fine for some. …

Hey mama. This is a true story about the real-life feelings of motherhood. We start the story in disaster. But we end in redemption. So stick with it, yeah?

Tonight, everything crashed on me in the mother of all monsoons. And the funny thing is, if you were looking from the outside in, you probably didn’t even see the moment when it happened. …

Let me guess. You have a certain list of to-dos that carries over from week to week. It practically has cobwebs on it because it’s been sitting dormant for so long. There are things on there that are semi-important but apparently not urgent enough to take precedence over feeding kids and doing laundry that seems to amass into mountainous piles if you look away for even a second. And yeah, you probably also just dislike the idea of *doing* the things on the list.

Mine usually has things like:

  • “Make dentist appointment.”
  • “Replace windshield wipers.”
  • “Go through pile of stuff…

The concept of creativity is a little bit like a magical fairyland. While, yes, the word has its own specific slot in the dictionary, it’s hard to quantify and measure. And it’s not always obvious what to do to boost creativity.

Some people believe creativity is available to only a select few, while others believe that we all have creative potential. (I’m in the second camp.) I also happen to believe that creativity is a form of self-care, essential to our lives.

I also believe that in order to tap into that creative potential, we have to believe that it’s…

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